About me

I am Annebeth Vis, originally from the Netherlands, and as a local, content creator and entrepreneur is Barcelona my greatest passion. It is my mission to make your Barcelona experience even more fun. I do this by sharing my tips and knowledge of the city.

This is me in statistics

  • Over 20 years in Barcelona
  • Author of +500 articles about the city
  • and of +10 travel guides about Barcelona
  • Took +500 Barcelona visitors on the road
  • Blogger for 15 years about Barcelona

Originally a historian and journalist, I ended up in Barcelona in 2002 during an Erasmus exchange. It was love at first sight and so I stayed to pursue my dream: to make the city my work. I wanted nothing more than to really get to know and understand Barcelona.

Acquaintances, friends and family who came to visit always enjoyed the extra pleasure of knowing a local in Barcelona so they could discover local life and hear the stories. And I loved being able to make people happy with my knowledge and let them get to know and enjoy my city.

That’s why I started blogging about Barcelona in 2006: that way I could share my knowledge about the city not only with acquaintances, but also with other Barcelona goers. And I still do that on this website. My blog was also a good excuse to discover each place and learn more and more :-). I keep up with the news, spot new addresses and stay curious.

As a journalist, I wrote hundreds of articles for Dutch magazines and newspapers. You may know me as the author of the well-known time to momo city guide Barcelona (formerly 100% Barcelona).

I currently live in the middle of the Gothic Quarter, where I also co-own El Ciclo, the very best bike tour – and bike rental company in town ;-). You can bump into me there, often with my daughter Olivia. Since I became a mom, I have been getting to know Barcelona in a whole new way.