Tapas in Barcelona

Of course, a visit to Barcelona – and any other Spanish city – is not complete without having eaten tapas at least once. The offer in the city is huge. These are my favorite tapas bars in town.

Before I share my favorite tapas restaurants in Barcelona, a shot introduction to the concept of eating tapas: the idea is to order a number of dishes from the menu and share them with your companions. Perhaps needless to say, but since I once saw four men ordering one portion of patatas bravas each, I’ll explain it anyway.

The plates arrive on the table one by one and you don’t have to wait to eat until everything is served. Start with a tapa or two per person: you can always order more!

At these 11 tapas bars and restaurants (in no particular order) you are guaranteed to eat delicious tapas in Barcelona:

1. Cervecería Catalana

Price Range: 15 – 35 euro per person
Where: Eixample
Definitely tasting:  Huevos cabreados

A classic. At the Cervecería Catalana in Eixample it is always busy. Reservations cannot be made and chances are that you will have to wait a while for a table. But it is well worth it because the quality is good and the choice is huge, and of course all the classics – bravas, tortilla, jamón, pimientos – are on the menu.

2. Bar del Pla

Price Range: 25-40 euro per person
Where: El Born
Definitely tasting: Crispy beef foie gras

Bar del Pla is tucked away in one of the cozy streets of the El Born neighborhood. The decor is cozy, the staff is very friendly and the tapas are finger-licking good. Highly recommended! All the classic tapas are on the menu, and meat and fish lovers in particular are at the right place.

3. Casa Lolea

Price Range: 20-30 euro per person
Where: El Born
Definitely tasting: Homemade sangria and the patatas bravas

Casa Lolea in the working-class neighborhood of Sant Pere (El Born) is always a good choice. Catalan families, couples in love and groups of friends come here, but tourists also know how to find the restaurant. In fact, you can’t leave here without having tasted the deliciously dangerous sangria. Personally, I love the squid ceviche and I have never eaten such fantastic patatas bravas.

No place to go? Can Framis, Casa Lolea’s little sister, is a 5-minute walk away. The menu here also features modern tapas of excellent quality and prepared with fresh, mostly Mediterranean ingredients. I particularly recommend the tuna. The space is not too big, but very nicely decorated. There used to be an old-fashioned food store here and you can still see that. In front of the door they also have a terrace.

4. Babia

Price Range: 20 euro per person
Where: El Gòtic
Definitely tasting: De bacalao

Right in the center, a stone’s throw from the Gothic cathedral, yet not massively discovered by tourists. Babia is a fine bar in Gòtic with a casual atmosphere and very tasty tapas. The bacalao in tomato sauce is finger-licking good. If you do not make reservations, it is best to come early in the evening, otherwise you run the risk of having to wait a long time for a table.

5. Jai-Ca

Price Range: 20 euro per person
Where: La Barceloneta
Definitely tasting: The pulpo from the grill

Jai-Ca is exactly what you imagine a Spanish tapas bar to be: hams hanging from the ceiling, used napkins on the mosaic floor, the dishes in trays displayed on the bar and busy talking locals. Around dinner time, it’s fighting for a seat at this popular but small tapas bar in the heart of the old fishing district of La Barceloneta. Opt for fried sardines, sprinkled with lemon and salt, or the particularly tasty squid (with garlic).

6. Aceitera Sucursal

Price Range: 25 euro per person
Where: Sant Antoni
Definitely tasting: Tortilla de patatas

Are you a foodie and lover of traditional, honest food? Then Aceitera Sucursal in Sant Antoni is the place for you! Tapas and platillos (small dishes) or just a quick bite at the bar, all fresh and very often from their own vegetable garden, with typical local and often organic products of the season. Be sure to try the tortilla de patatas, made fresh daily and very tasty. You can also go there for an inexpensive menu del día.

7. Ciudad Condal

Price Range: 20 euro per person
Where: Eixample
Definitely tasting: the artisjok on octopus in Galician style

Ciudad Condal has an extensive menu of traditional tapas and small dishes. There are also a daily changing tapas and pinchos (delicacies on a piece of bread with a skewer) the sandwich of the day and desserts. Both the fried and confit artichokes are finger-licking good, and try the pulpo a la Gallega, Galician-style squid.

8. Bormuth

Prijsklasse: 20 euro for tapas
Where: El Born
Definitely tasting: The patatas bravas

I find Bormuth especially perfect for a nice weekend lunch, but it’s also a great place to sit in the evening. This tapas bar has a cozy atmosphere and delicious tapas for not too much money. The bar is located in El Born, close to the El Born CCM but locals come here as well. You can also enjoy vermouth here.

9. Casa Rafols

Price Range: 40 euro per person for drinks, tapas and an dessert
Where: El Born
Definitely tasting: The pan con tomate and the slow cooked beef for the meat lovers

A big favorite is Casa Rafols. The food is delectable and the service is incredibly friendly. If you eat at this restaurant you are guaranteed to have a fantastic night. A big recommendation is to order the pan con tomate: always delicious as a side dish, but extra fun is the DIY element.

10. Sophie Gastrobar

Price Range: 30 euro per person
Where: El Born
Definitely tasting: The squid

Sophie Gastrobar is a glamorous Parisian bistro and informal Italian trattoria all at once, with a rebellious touch. The menu features Spanish and Mediterranean dishes with Latin flavors and Asian influences. I tried the croquettes, the mussels, the squid, the lamb and the tiramisu and everything was equally delicious (and the squid perhaps the tastiest I’ve ever eaten). So highly recommended. And oh yes, also nice to linger for a cocktail at the bar.

11. Can Codina

Price Range: 20 euros per person
Where: Gràcia
Definitely tasting: The huevos estrellados

Eat tapas among the locals. The best homemade croquettes, huevos estrellados (fried eggs with French fries and ham) or Russian salad, but also prawns with garlic, patatas bravas (what a delicious sauce). On the menu you will find traditional tapas and Catalan sausages as well as burgers. Can Codina has a classic interior with old-fashioned refrigerators and on the poster a picture of the café in 1908: it was already cozy then. The staff there is super friendly.