Tickets for the metro and public transport in Barcelona

Public transportion in Barcelona has an integrated ticketing system. So you can use the same ticket for the metro, bus and train (both the regional train Rodalies and city train FGC). There are different types of tickets depending on how much you expect to use public transport in Barcelona.


Discount card: Hola BCN! Travel card (public transport only)

With the Hola BCN! Travel Card you have unlimited public transportation within the city, as well as to and from the airport during your stay. The card is available from 2 days to a maximum of 5 days and can be used by one person. The card is valid on the metro, bus and train in Barcelona.

The Hola BCN! Travel card is especially beneficial if you are staying in Barcelona for several days and expect to use public transportation to travel to the different neighborhoods and sights. The 5-day card costs only 8 euros per day. A lot cheaper than buying separate tickets each time.

An Hola BCN! Travel card for two days costs €17.50 for three days you will pay €25.50, for four days €33.30 and for five days €40.80. You can purchase the card online prior to your city trip with 5% discount!

You will receive a voucher by mail, to redeem once you are in Barcelona at one of the tourist offices.

You can also buy the card at ticket machines in Barcelona’s metro and train stations. The disadvantage is that you won’t get the 5% discount that is offered online.

Discount card: Barcelona Card (public transport and musea)

An alternative to the Hola BCN! Travel Card is the Barcelona Card. This discount card is interesting if you are not only going to use public transportation a lot, but also want to visit museums in Barcelona. The Hola BCN! Travel Card does not give discounts on sightseeing.

The Barcelona Card entitles you to unlimited access to public transportation in Barcelona and to and from the airport and is valid as an entrance card to almost all museums in the city. Besides you will get discounts on other sights and attractions.

For 72 hours, the card costs €55 for adults and €32 for children under 12. For 96 hours, the card costs €65 and €42 respectively, and when used for the duration of 120 hours, the card costs €77 for adults and €47 for children. If you buy the Barcelona Card online you will get a 10% discount!

All (other) public transport tickets Barcelona

Besides the convenient discount cards, there are other options as well. We’ve listed them below.

  • Bitllet senzill (one-way) – Relatively expensive (€2.55 per ticket) and it only allows you to transfer within the same form of public transport (i.e. from metro line to metro line or from bus to bus, but not from bus to metro). Only recommended if you will only use public transport once or twice.
  • T- Casual – (€12,15). This individual travel card is valid for 10 trips. If you stay in 1 zone, you have 75 minutes to take over your journey and can therefore transfer for free. This ticket cannot be used by several people on the same trip, check out the T-grup or T-familiar for that.
  • T-Día (day ticket) – This card (€11,20) allows you to use public transport in Barcelona for a whole day – until the last ride is run.
  • T-usual (monthly ticket) – This season ticket (€21,35) offers unlimited travel in 30 (consecutive) days. When purchasing this ticket, you need to bring a valid ID. If you do not live in Barcelona and you have a foreign ID-card or passport you can only buy the T-usual at the ticket office and not at the vending machine. For those who live in Barcelona: with an NIE number, the T-usual can be bought at the ticket machine and the T-usual can also be loaded onto the plastic T-mobilitat card. This Catalan public transport card can be ordered via this website and will be at your Spanish address within a week.
  • T-jove (unlimited) – The T-jove is a personalised travel card for people under 25. It allows young people unlimited travel for 90 consecutive days for €42,70. Note: from March 2023, the T-jove will no longer be available as a paper ticket, but can only be loaded onto the plastic T-mobilitat card. This T-mobilitat card can be ordered via this website and will be in your mailbox (in Spain) on average a week later.
  • T-grup – Ideal for groups. This travel card can be used by several people during the same trip and counts 70 rides. For 1 zone, the card costs €84,80 and you can travel for up to 75 minutes on 1 trip.
  • T-familiar – This card (€10,70) is available for one zone and can be used for multiple people during the same trip. The card is valid for 8 journeys within 30 days.
  • T-16 – This travel card is for one zone and can be used by children aged 4 to 16. This card allows unlimited free travel. This card is available for locals only.
  • Airport ticket (Airport ticket) – A ticket for metro travel to the airport. The price of the ticket is €5.50.

Please not that for the T-usual, T-jove, T-casual, T-familiar and T-grup are only available with a T-mobilitat card, a reusable public transport card. More information on how to get one can be found below.

All the above prices are for zone 1. Below is a price list of the tickets you can also use in the other zones (2 to 6).

Children up to and including 4 years old can travel for free on public transport in Barcelona. A ticket is not needed.

The prices of the T-usual and T-jove have been reduced by 50% as corrective measures for high inflation in 2023 and 2024.

1 zone€10,50€11,35€20€79,45€10€40
2 zones€16,00€22,40€26,95€156,80€19€52,60
3 zones€20,10€30,50€37,80€213,50€27€73,80
4 zones€22,45€39,20€46,30€274,40 €35€90,40
5 zones€25,15€45,05€53,10€315,35€40€103,70
6 zones€28,15€47,90€56,90€335,30€42€111,15

The above tickets can be purchased from the vending machines at stations, kiosks and ticket offices of transport companies.

T-mobilitat: the reusable public transport card

The T-casual, T-usual, T-familiar and the T-grup are only available with a T-mobilitat card, so if you wish to use one of those tickets, you will need to get yourself a T-mobilitat card. There are two options.

Anonymous T-mobilitat card

The anonymous card is designed for sporadic use, it is made from cardboard and uses contactless technology.

The anonymous T-mobilitat card costs €0,50. Here’s how you can get one:

  1. Buy one without having to register from ticket vending machines on the metro network.
  2. Select one of the integrated transport tickets to load on to it: T-casual, T-grup or T-familiar, or T-usual with a specific card.
  3. Once you have used up all the journeys, you can load new tickets to it using the TMB App or at the ticket vending machines on the metro network. You can choose to load a different non-personalized ticket from the one you had before (T-casual, T-grup or T-familiar).
  4. If you choose the T-usual travel card, you can only load it to the cardboard T-usual card specifically for this personal and non-transferable ticket.

On an anonymous T-mobilitat card you cannot buy a T-jove ticket.

Personalized T-mobilitat card

If you regularly use public transport, it’s a good idea to use the personalised plastic card. There’s a few benefits you don’t get with the anonymous card:

  • It is a more robust, longer-lasting card, with a five-year guarantee that covers issues with the chip.
  • You can load any of the transport tickets from the T-mobilitat system, once you have chosen the one that suits you best.
  • It allows you to block the card in case of loss or theft and request a duplicate to recover your transport tickets.
  • You can add dependants to your T-mobilitat profile and manage their tickets and supports.

The personalized T-mobilitat card costs €4,50. You can easily buy the card through the TMB e-shop.

Airport tickets

To get to and from the airport by public transport, you can use train, bus and metro.

For bus 46 between the airport and the city and the train between terminal 2 and the city center, you can use the above regular public transport tickets (a one-way ticket at €2.40). Please note that this does not apply to the Aerobus or on the metro, as different fares apply.

For the subway, you need to buy a separate airport ticket. A metro airport ticket costs €5.15 and can be bought at any ticket machine at the station or when entering or leaving the metro at the airport. So you can also pay for this ticket after your trip to the airport. With the Hola BCN! Transport Card and the Barcelona Card you can use the subway for free between the airport and the city of Barcelona.

For more detailed information on how to get from Barcelona airport to the city centre and vice versa, click here.